First week of the trip

Hey everyone, it’s Zoulou. Just a small recap of our first week. Already had some tough time…

Day 1: I’d like to talk about this first week on the road with my masters. It wasn’t exactly how I imagined it… I injured my pad the first evening while discovering the edges of Rhine. Since them, I had to wear a sock for my walks, what a shame! Fortunately, we had a huge non-stop rain shower for a couple of days and I enjoyed that very much. However, I am not sure my masters did appreciate it…

Day 2: After that night alongside the Rhine, we decided to take a tour of the local beautiful castle Neuschwanstein. And yet again, it was raining. Luckily, a break through the clouds allowed us to go for a short hike in the woods of the Black Forest in Germany. But we didn’t see much of the castle…but we remain positive, it will be for the next time!

Day 3: Whilst heading towards Munich, we came across a german cheese dairy (the cheesy crust is so yummy!). No long walks anymore, we must take care of my pad. Then, on the way to a place in the woods to spend a night there, the wipers of our camping car suddenly stopped working, and so did the blinking lights… My masters started to worry and decided to park next to a train station rather than in the woods in case we would need some help. And it worked! Barely gone out of the camping car and opened the hood to check the engine, another human being came to us to help us. 30 minutes later, the Campi was healed and we could continue our journey. Lucky us! The human solidarity does exist after all!


Day 4: On our way to Prague, I will see Peggy again :). But once again, our Campi started to make strange noises and didn’t want to move forward… Another problem…We were feeling down…So my masters decided to take the Campi to a nearest car repair shop but our old Campi does not please to everyone. After two refusals, we eventually found a car mechanic who was willing to repair our broken Campi. Once again, the Campi was healed in 30 minutes, temporarily however, so we could come to our destination – Prague – in time for dinner. Yummy.
Day 5: My masters left me in Prague so that they could go back to the repair shop and leave the Campi there to get him permanently repaired (hopefully!). It is one hour from Prague and they can’t take me on the bus on their way back so I stayed at home. But they didn’t forget me, such a lovely masters! They bought me a big bone and a squeaking beer toy for my BIRTHDAY. That’s so great !

Jour 6 : A walk in a parc in Prague where took place a food street festival, it smelt sooo good ! Moreover, I had a doggie friend with me !

Day 7: A day-walk alongside the Czech river Sázava. My pad is way better now and I take this opportunity to swim and play in the river :). SPLASH!

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