Second week : Quiet stay in Prague

Hello everybody, here come the story of our second week of trip :

Day 8: We are in Prague, at my mistress’s family place and life is fine. I am spending a lot of time with Peggy (their ten-year-old doggie lady), we play a lot and we have long walks throughout the day in the neighbourhood. Czech dogs are lovely !

My masters left me alone for a couple of hours to enjoy a Beer SPA in Prague… taking a bath in the beer, what a funny idea !




Day 9: Quiet day, we stayed at home. I love the father of my mistress , we go for a walk 5 times a day avec Peggy, it’s heaven on Earth !

Day 10: On our way to Podebrady, a spa town one hour from Prague. It’s amazing, there is water everywhere ! Between the Elbe and all the fountains, I can’t even decide where to jump first (have a look on my facebook page for more pics).




Day 11: Another day at home with Peggy, I am almost tired with all those walks. The time passes so quickly when I am having fun ! Wouf !

Day 12: My masters went to the car repair shop again to get Campi back, hopefully recovered. I care a lot about Campi, it is our new house now ! Once Campi back in Prague, we left for the czech countryside to spend a peaceful weekend. I am very happy, Campi got much better, it makes far less noise than before, I can truly relax now 🙂 ZZzzzZZ


Day 13: The life in the countryside is amazing… A big garden to protect, walks in the woods, I can live here forever ! But we have to get ready for the next steps. My master works on Campi so that it can carry on till the North Cape whereas my mistress cuts my fur to have a better look!

Day 14: Finally, the day has come, it is our departure and the end of planned stopovers. We leave to the unknown. After the last walk, we leave for Hrensko. Campi found a nice spot to spend a night on our way there.

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