3rd week : A week of hiking

Hey, it’s Zoulou, the news from the third week of our trip are here !

Day 15: A hike in Hrensko. I LOVE IT, all the cliffs, I can run everywhere! And everybody seems to like me, all the cuddles I get, you can’t even imagine ! And there is an amazing river but I can’t swim there cause I have to take a boat first and I must wear a muzzle, such a nonsense ! Sometimes, I do not understand people… Fortunately, I got a chance to try the river afterwards. 10c° according to the guide, nice! (pics on my facebook !).

Day 16: After a full day hike to Czech gorges in Hrensko, we keep on with another hike to Dresden Bastei, a rock bridge in the heights near Dresden. We parked Campi away from the touristic area and decided to go to Bastei from there to enjoy a quiet walk. The uphill path is quite steep but with my four legs it’s easy peasy (my masters, however, are taking it slowly ^^). After many steps we finally reached the top to enjoy a panoramic view over the Elbe valley. And guess what, everybody really likes me and I’m getting plenty of hugs ! No need for a leash :).

After a four-hour walk, we settled in Dresden for a night. The town is big and spacious, the Germans really do have good abilities in urban planning. We run a few errands in local shopping mall, and I took escalators for the first time. I must admit it’s a little bit scary. In Germany, you can find bio markets in shopping malls, that’s cool. I will have some quality leftovers, Yummy ! (Well, I was a little disappointed afterwards, my master got it wrong and took vegan sausage…he really must learn some German instead of spending time taking online Czech lessons !).

Day 17: Heading towards Berlin ! We’ll visit the city tomorrow.

Day 18: Visiting Berlin. We parked Campi easily on a free city parking next to the Treptower Parc. It’s good to start a walk in a green area of the city before heading to the noisier one ! On our way to the center, we found a gigantic Soviet War Memorial designed to commemorate Soviet deaths in World War II.



Heading then to the Berlin Wall. Wouha all those tags for liberty and peace are awesome (check my Facebook) ! What I like in this city is the fact that dogs are not kept on a leash and can walk as they want. It’s so much easier to get to know each other and check each others butts 🙂 After the city tour, we leave for Templin where we found a nice spot for the night. We’ll visit the city tomorrow.







Day 19: There is a market in Templin ! After having played in a fountain that was on our way, my masters bought traditional German sausages and I had all the fat with my dinner :D. Great to gain some forces for the next day ! Afterwards, we went to national parc of Jasmund located in the North of Germany on the Rügen island in the Baltic sea. We parked Campi next to a nice restaurant with a fish shop and homemade bread ! They also give free treats to dogs yeaah.


Day 20: Sports day, 30 km bike trip. The pace is quite fast but I have no troubles to keep up. Don’ worry, my masters wait for me when going downhill (and I wait for them when going uphill ;)). Sadly, there is no place where I can swim as the Jasmund’s cliffs are too steep and not really accessible. But this beautiful panoramic view is worth it ! To end this day, we enjoyed a Grill Evening All You Can Eat at the local restaurant. I have a lot of leftovers ! Nice change from our Campi food 🙂


Day 21: On our way to Denmark we stopped at a nearby beach next to Bad Doberan. It’s a charming village and there is a steam-powered train that passes through the center of the village !! But what I appreciate the most is the beach and the sea ! We stay there all afternoon then head towards Poel Island for a quiet night.

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