4th week : Roadtrip through Danemark

Day 22: Before passing the border, we stop at Lübeck. It is such a beautiful city in Northern Germany with gothic architecture


It’s really nice so we have a walk throughout the city till the Holsten Gate, one of the relics of Lübeck’s medieval city fortifications. After the city tour, we have run some errands before the border, the dog food is cheaper in Germany :p. And then finally going to Denmark ! We spend a night on a beach. Really cool spot! I have a feeling that the Danes love my way of swimming, everybody seems to laugh when they watching me.

Day 23: Going to Rømø island which belongs to Vadehavet national parc. And with islands comes sea :D. And also nice hikes. It’s quiet here, just few people. And so flat. We went up to the highest mountain here, or should I say a hill, cause its height is only a dozen of meters. But I so enjoyed all the tiny paths in the sand. It’s kind of dry here. Dogs must be on a leash here (they have this kind of special closed parcs for dogs where they can run free). But I am lucky, I obey my masters, so they leave me running everywhere!

Afterwards we head to local beach, and what a nice surprise!

A seemingly endless beach where loads of cars, vans and camping cars are parking… Despite a sunny day just few people are in the sea cause it’s quite windy. But that does not stop me to play in the sea, then roll over in the sand, I so love that ! And there is a lot of space for everyone !

At the end of the day, we visit Ribe. It was an important harbor in medieval times. The city is built on a dam to hold back the sea. It’s amazing. We admire narrow medieval streets on our way to the center.

. But it’s quiet expensive here so we decide to move away from the center and find a nice spot for night. Bingo, we found a lovely spot, once again! It’s just next to a dam and so quiet. Denmark is actually a country of flat and vast landscapes with few people so it’s quite easy to find a nice spot for a night. We enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the sea 🙂

Day 24: Heading towards Odense, the third biggest city of Denm

ark. There is nothing special, but we can see an ordinary Danish city lifestyle, quiet, quite empty streets, some bars and restaurants, a shopping street and a lot of cafés.

We found once again a nice place for the night, next to the sea, on a wild beach with a view on the Little Belt Bridge. It’s also a place where my fellows go for a walk in the evening. I met some friends, and everybody admired my energy !

Day 25: Next stop Roskilde, a city known for its Viking Ship Museum.

It is located on Seeland island, about 30 kilometers from Copenhagen. And I played a little bit in a fountain, you know me 🙂

Day 26: Before visiting Copenhagen, we made a quick stop at the Jægerborg Dyrehave parc where deers live in freedom. We even saw some in the woods (but I can’t say who is more afraid of whom :D). After this nice short walk, we head to Copenhagen !

We park a little bit further from the city (15 minutes by bike) next to a huge parc with a beach (Amager Strandpark), where many local people go jogging, walking or enjoy many water activities. And many dogs come here to swim ! Then, we started by visiting the famous Christiania district (but we have no photos cause it’s prohibited !). This district is just crazy! It’s crowded with people of all styles, many bikes and dogs running everywhere ! Chaos in the center of the city ! And you can also find here a lot of restaurants, bars and others…, almost everuthing is allowed here.

We walked throughout the city before settling down in a bar to watch the football game. And I can take some rest before coming back to Campi (I have to follow my masters on bike) !

Day 27: We did some jogging in the parc with my mistress like local people do ;). My masters can imagine themselves living here for a while and me too ! There is water everywhere, located near the city center and surrounded by huge parc! We say goodbye to Denmark and head to Sweden. While crossing the huge Øresundsbron bridge connecting Copenhagen to Malmö in Sweden, a beautiful scenery just pops up in front of us .

By the way, you can view all of our pics from Denmark on my Facebook.

We stopped in Malmö cause it’s one of the biggest cities (the 3rd one) in Sweden and we won’t have time to visit other cities since we will just drive alongside the West coast towards Norway. And we were right to visit Malmö! We parked, not on purpose though, next to a dog parc with free access to agility parc. I could finally showed off my agility abilities which I have been training for 2 years in Nantes. And just behind it was a dog beach. I was totally on cloud nine! A short video of my show is on my Facebook !

Malmö is a nice clean city with a big parc and city hall (for more pics visit my Facebook).

We finished our journey alone in the forest with a view on the Rössjön lake.

Day 28: In the morning we enjoy a nice swim in the lake, the first swim of our trip. It’s so refreshing during those 30 degree days ! We were told that it’s unusually hot this summer and there was no rain since a long time! We made a stop in Falkenberg city with its historical bridge and on a sheep farm Öströö before having found a peaceful spot where to spend a night ! I played a lot with my new Border Collie friend whereas my masters were playing Mölkky.

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