5th week : Roadtrip through Sweden

Day 29: We spent a lot of time driving today. In the afternoon we stopped at the ruins of Gräfsnäs castle to enjoy mostly the local parc and its lake. It was also a good opportunity for a short race with my master – view it here :).

Day 30: We drive to Vänersborg, alongside the Vänern lake, the biggest lake in the European Union, and the third biggest in Europe (the biggest ones are in Russia). We head to the tourist office to find out about some hikes to do in the surroundings but also to know where to watch the football match France-Belgium ! Bingo, the match will be broadcasted on a big screen in the center. Before settling down for the match, we went to the lake and enjoyed the view.

Day 31: We woke up early today, I have the feeling that it’s my mistress who made the plans for today ;)! We did 2 hikes in a row around the Vänern lake in the Halle- och Hunneberg ecoparc. First, we went up on the Hunneberg hill with its Museum of Haunting. A nice walk in the forest but without a view on the lake. The second hike led to the top of Halleberg hill with an amazing view on the lake. It’s so wide, it seems more like a sea !


Thanks to the early wake-up, we managed to arrive in time to the Trollhättan waterfalls. It’s actually a hydropower dam whose floodgates are opened every day at 3pm for about 10 minutes. At that moment you can see the water getting stronger in just few seconds and its real power coming to life. The hydropower has helped the city in its development.

A little bit further there is the Göta canal with its many locks in a row. It crosses Sweden, via the Vänern lake, linking the West coast to the Baltic sea. The sequence of 5 locks in Trollhättan is quite impressive. It can take up to 2 hours for a boat to get through !

To end this busy day filled with some amazing water moments (that I am the most interested about !) we went to the West coast to see a typical Swedish fisherman village, Fiskebäckskil. It is surrounded by charming houses, trendy restaurants and bars with live music ! Really beautiful and quiet surroundings. It seems that a lot of Swedish came here on holidays.

Day 32: Having fallen in love with this charming village, we decided to stay a little longer here to discover more of the Skaftö island. So we went to Grundsund. Such a beauty! A postcard view of small red houses with their wooden decks in front of the harbor. I guess everybody here has a sailboat, there are plenty of them !

We take a tiny rocky path leading up to the hills. It’s a nice walk, away from the crowds, with a view over the sea and its numerous islets. Many sailboats are navigating through. The path goes down and uphill and I am enjoying it! However, my mistress is behind us and takes her time. No wonder why, she is in flip-flops! So I run back and forth to check that nobody is missing 🙂

After this short unplanned trip, we head towards another village known for its lovely surroundings. It’s Fjällbacka located further in the North. This time, it’s a more touristic place, kind of a seaside resort but it still keeps its charm. It seems like The place to be 🙂 The village is surrounded by some high rocks with steps leading to the top. Of course, we wouldn’t miss an opportunity to go up ! On our way we have to pass under a narrow path with a rock stucked between two cliffs. Carefully, we take a picture under it and head quickly towards the steps and up to get out of this hole !

A couple of steps and we are at the top, with a wonderful scenery of the sea containing a number of scattered islands. Such a beautiful view, we wonder what does Norway hold for us !

Day 33: We are on our way to Strömstad, the last planned stop in Sweden. We chose this destination because it’s the departure for ferries to the Kosterhavet National parc with its archipelago. First, we visit the Northern island Nordkoster, the smallest of the two main islands. It takes us 1 hour to go up to enjoy a panoramic view over the sea and its lighthouse and then go down to the Southern island. To get there, we need to take a boat shuttle for a couple of minutes. A tour of the second island took us around 3 hours, across a forest, a point of view and a beach. It’s 45 minutes to go back to Strömstad – I am secretly dreaming of jumping in the sea as the waves gently touch our ferry.


What a wonderful sunny and active day ! We then take Campi and start looking for a place where we can chill and spend a quiet night. But there are no isolated places in the nature for camping in the surroundings… It seems that we are in the middle of a popular destination where campers are not really welcomed. Usually, we find easily a nice spot in the nature (that we keep clean of course !) on our Park4Night application but this time we can’t find anything ! So we try to find a place on our own and take a small road to the forest just before crossing the Norwegian border. At the end of the forest road we come across a wooden cottage with a parking. We nicely ask for a permission to spend a night on the parking with our Campi. The lady we asked accepts it and even recommends us a trip to the top of the local mountain, Dragonkullen.

Day 34: We don’t miss any opportunity to go for a hike so the choice to go to Dragonkullen was made very quickly ! 45 minutes and we are at the top, easy peasy ! Unfortunately, I can’t go at the very top because it’s a tower construction with a ladder that I am not able to climb with my paws… So my masters leave my downstairs while they climb at the top and I wait impatiently for them. It takes them a while to admire the view from the top over Norway and the two bridges connecting Sweden to Norway. Neverthless, I enjoy the view from downstairs while keeping an eye on my masters ! Then we go down to Campi and drive towards Norway. On our way, we stop quickly in a supermarket to buy a couple of things for us cause we’ve heard Norway is really expensive ! Sadly, there is one negative point of this day : my masters realized later on that they forgot my leash at the top of Dragonkullen ! If by any chance somebody goes there, let me know 😉

Finally made it to Norway ! We stop in the first city after the border, Halden, to visit it’s huge Fredriksten fortress. And the rumor is that there are ghosts here… After our stop in Halden, we head towards our first Woofing, on a local farm! I’ll keep you posted about my week spent there in my next post! So stay tuned 🙂

By the way, our pictures from Sweden are on my Facebook page 🙂






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