6th week : Our first woofing experience on an organic farm in Norway

Hello everybody! As promised, I’m gonna share with you my week on an organic farm in Norway, located next to the Halden city and the Swedish border.

I don’t even know where to start… There is so much to tell you!

First of all, I’ll do a presentation of the farm : It is owned by Jan, a really nice guy who loves animals ! He has two cute Jack Russells Maggie & Jack!

It’s love at first sight. Jack is a real sweetheart, nice to me from the beginning and loves to cuddle 🙂

Maggie is the boss, so she is more distant and is constantly keeping an eye on me, at least at the beginning. Of course, I am crazy running in every single place of the farm to discover new smells. But Maggie is the boss, so I try to respect her and obey to her orders 🙂

But I just didn’t get along with the cat. The first time he saw me, he ran away, and I was trying to follow him, while barking – finally somebody has respect from me, so I may abuse of it a little :/ Since then, I regret it a bit because the cat hasn’t shown up until after our departure. Actually, I was keen on meeting him …

Well, besides this moment, everything is going well. The land is huge and located in a remote part of Norway. It’s so quiet here. The farm is certified organic because the cows, about thirty of them, live the whole summer in the open air, eating only grass, just as wild cows do. Those cows are reared for the meat so there is no need to milk them 🙂

One week in this beautiful and peaceful place, surrounded by woods and lakes. Heaven on Earth! Finally we can rest a little after one month of travelling!

Since Sunday is a rest day, we go for a walk and then swim in the lake ! I just can’t get out of the lake and am swimming all the time whereas Jack and Maggie are carefully observing me from the edge. They are not really fond of water but hopefully I’ll convince them by the end of the week ! Anyway, they seem courious about my way of swimming and my passion for water!

In the evening, we watch the final of the Football World Cup… and yeah we are the Champioooons!

The rest of the week, we work from the morning till the afternoon, followed by a walk and a stop at the lake. Soo refreshing in this heat!

In the middle of the week, another woofer from New Zealand joins us! She is really cool, loves animals and is a professional photographer, so talented! So during our walks we make a couple of photo sessions. A big thanks to Maddie for those pictures ! You can view the whole album on my Facebook.

During the week, while my masters are working, I supervise the farm and Campi with Jack and Maggie.

I also do some check-up on my masters to see if they work well 🙂 My master fixes the fence for the cattle whereas my mistress mainly cleans the house and cooks healthy dishes ! But of course we taste local specialty – a moose meat served as a birthday dinner for my master! Yummy! It makes my master so happy since he has been eating veggie meals for quite some time! For the first time, he is outnumbered by vegetarians 🙂 My mistress, on the other hand, enjoys cooking healthy veggie meals 🙂 Of course, with Jack and Maggie, we always have a generous portion of meat!

Jan is really nice with us and gives us a day off on Thursday. He takes us to a hidden beach in Halden to enjoy the sea! Then we quickly run some errands. And that’s where we discover Norwegian prices for the first time! It’s quite expensive here even for the Parisian people, not to mention the price for a beer can, complains my master :/.

Anyway, this week was really enriching for us, meeting new people from different countries, learning their culture, getting to know the farm life and loads of walks and swims!

But it’s time for us to leave and finally discover the Norwegian landscape and Fjords.

Thank you once again for this wonderful week Jan, Maddie, Jack and Maggie (and the cat and the cattle). Best regards and good luck for the future!


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