10th week : We made it to North Cape!

Day 64 : We drive all day long to eventually make it to the North Cape, while celebrating our 10 000 km!!

We park on a parking located 6 km far from the visitor center because the access is free if we come by bike or on foot. So my masters cover themselves up with all the warm clothes they have and take their bikes. Only few kilometers separate us from the Grail 😊. 6 difficult kilometers though, the road goes down and uphill, and it’s freezing…(but it’s perfect for me!).

At least, we see some reindeers on our way, savouring these large and unmanned valleys. At the top of the cliff we can spot the North Cape…When we arrive there, the sky gets clearer and a beautiful view over the sea pops up!

That makes the perfect moment for a picture in front of the Nordkapp landmark. And it was just in time before a crowd of tourists joined us!

Even though there is a lot of tourists here, the site is huge and we can easily be alone. So we head further to the coast to see more of the site and savour the peacefulness this place offers.

Are we really, after 2 months of travelling, at the end of the world ? At the beginning of our trip we thought that it would be impossible to go up here with Campi. It seemed so far and unreachable but here we are! Safe and happy! So don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back and just go for it!

Before coming back, we visit quickly the visitor center where is even an hotel and a high-class restaurant!

We warm up a little bit and then go back to Campi. The sky gets again cloudy. The weather changes all the time and quickly here. At night, we have only 5 degrees!

Day 65 : This morning, it’s foggy, rainy and windy. Since we are not in a hurry we decide to postpone our 18km track to the “real North Cape”, less touristic but 1,5 km further to the North, to the next day. It’s not worth doing this long hike in bad weather conditions with no good visibility. So today we take Campi and drive to Skarsvåg, claiming of being the world’s northernmost fishing village. Once we get there, we take a walk through this lovely hilly countryside inhabited by many reindeer herds.

We also come across interesting rock formations, one in the form of the arch of triumph, the other seems to be a Troll tongue : ).

We end the walk with a nice view over the fishing village with traditional wooden red-colored houses.

Day 66 : It’s time for a hike to Knivskjellodden, literally “the tip of the knife”. There is no fog, neither wind today, so it’s perfect to go see the Europe’s northernmost point, far from tourist cars. You can reach this point only on foot. The hike is not demanding and with little elevation. Along the path, we can see the North Cape Plateau from far. The touristic Cape looks actually more impressive thanks to its location on high cliffs with a view over the sea.

On the other hand, Knivskjellodden is a rocky edge at the sea level where

waves are savagely breaking on the rocky shoreline. I am not going into the water here… The nature is wilder here but it’s so quiet. We take a rest here, eating our lunch and enjoying the sound of crashing waves. We are proud to succeed our 2-month trip till the North Cape. Even if we have seen more impressive landscapes in Norway, this place is more symbolic for us, it’s kind of our first milestone that we accomplished at te very end of Europe!

The way back is quite hard for us as we start to be tired and the path goes more uphill. We arrive to Campi exhausted but pleased with our performance!

Day 67 : After having stayed for 2 days on the parking of the North Cape, it’s time to go South.

We start to miss the sun. It’s so cold here that I don’t even want to swim! And my masters don’t have enough clothes to put on. However, we still want to discover more that’s why we accepted to stay one week longer in Northern Norway, on a sheep farm! It took us a lot of time and effort to come to this part of Europe so why not learn as much as we can here? After all, that’s one of the purposes of our trip. And where can we learn more than from local people?

It is settled then, we drive to the farm, there are already expecting us later today! On our way, we stop for lunch next to Trollholmsund, an area dominated by limestone stones in the form of trolls. The legend says that the troll turned into stones because they didn’t arrive in their cave before the sunrise.

It is again a peaceful place, with a beautiful view over the sea, separated by a sand path. And this color combination of multiple shades of blue with the white sand is gorgeous and gives this spot a kind of zen spirit.

Thanks to the wind, there are a lot of waves and I am having fun chasing them! But I don’t dare go into the water as my infection is still not completely healed.

I may take some rest on the farm while my masters will be working. Apparently a lot of work needs to be done there… we’ll keep you posted ; )

PS : The photo album of our road trip in Norway is on our Facebook.

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