About Zoulou

Hello !

I am Zoulou and I just turned 3 years old. I’ve been with my new family for over 2 years now. They found me in a shelter (SPA) and they immediately fell in love with me. I have to say that my crossbreed with border collie is really awesome!










Ever since, I have been on cloud nine. I took for granted the sofa in the living room and enjoy spending time nestling on it. I eat well (already gained 3 kg), just muscles though :), I have plenty of funny toys and treats (to reward my flawless behavior ;), and loads of walks !

And one day, my masters decided to fulfill their dream and do a trip around the world. And why in a camping car ? So that I can go as well !

We leave Nantes, France on the 4th of June and head first to Prague !

And who are those two fools that accepted this challenge ? Find more about them here.