About us

A couple, a dog and a camping car on the road around the world !

We are Alexis, from France, and Kristyna, from the Czech Republic, proud owners of Zoulou !

The story of the three of us starts in Nantes where we moved for a job. We hardly stayed two weeks in our new house before adopting Zoulou, a cute 7-month-old puppy, a little bit too thin, that we found in a shelter. Lucky for him, he only stayed a couple of days there before we crossed his way! We came at the right time to save him, one would say it is a destiny!
Since then, we spent two peaceful years in Nantes, West of France. Both of us having a permanent job as consultants there, we were not lacking anything… But, in our late twenties, this kind of stable life wasn’t exactly our thing. We were more and more craving for adventure, a more nomadic lifestyle. It was our dream for some time now to travel across the world and we have been saving money for that. Eventually, we had enough to start this adventure! But what about Zoulou? We could have left him at our parent’s house while travelling…but it just didn’t seem right. This little furry ball was a part of our family now and leaving him behind wasn’t an option for us! So why not take him with us and make our trip even more colorful and fulfilling? Our team must be entire to make the most of our life trip!
It’s at this exact moment that the idea of a camping car arised. Travelling in camping car would allow us to discover more of the countryside and places away from tourists. So we bought our first camping car end of January 2018 that would bring us around the world.

Once the team has been set up, we had to organize our trip! 4 months later we are ready to leave Nantes, on the 4th of June 2018, and head to Paris – Prague – Scandinavia – Baltics – Turkey – Iran. That is where our planned route ends so far. We would like to go to South-east Asia afterwards, but we must get more information about several aspects (quarantine, requirements for entry into the territory with a camping car…).
To organize our trip, we use agile methods. Oh yes, we can now put our work experience in practice! We use post-its to visualize our needs, work in progress, terminated tasks and to set priorities. This type of visual organization allowed us to slowly meet our goal. And it cheers us up every time we can move a task to “Done” :).