10th week : We made it to North Cape!

Day 64 : We drive all day long to eventually make it to the North Cape, while celebrating our 10 000 km!!

We park on a parking located 6 km far from the visitor center because the access is free if we come by bike or on foot. So my masters cover themselves up with all the warm clothes they have and take their bikes. Only few kilometers separate us from the Grail 😊. 6 difficult kilometers though, the road goes down and uphill, and it’s freezing…(but it’s perfect for me!).

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9th week : The paradise of the Lofoten islands and Tromsø

Day 57 : We slept on the parking of the Abisko national parc. In the morning, we decided to go for another hike but shorter this time! The path starts with Kungsleden track, meaning “King’s trail” that is 425km long. At the beginning, the path goes through a birch forest and along a canyon. It leads to the meditation place where we take a couple of minutes to meditate and enjoy the beautiful view over the canyon 😊. On our way back, the path is made of wooden boards to facilitate the track.

We appreciated the Abisko parc for its nice forest lands and easy paths without any important elevations! This parc is one of the thing to do in Swedish Lapland. And even if its remains a touristic destination, thanks to its ideal location for Northern Lights observation, it remains a well preserved nature place. We still saw more reindeers than humans 😊.

In the afternoon, we arrive in Norway, again, but this time to see the Lofoten islands and the North Cape, the first milestone of our trip!

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8th week : On our way to the North

Day 50 : We leave early in the morning and head to the parking in Gjendesheim where is the departure of our boat towards Memurubu for a 14 km long track over the Besseggen ridge. It’s only 13 degrees so warm clothes are a necessity for my masters!  But I am fine cause I run everywhere when there are no people and I can be free 🙂  The hike starts by a difficult one-hour ascent. At the beginning, we are surrounded by other hikers from the same boat but throughout the ascent, the crowd spreads out. At the top of the first part, we are almost alone! It’s time to take first pictures and eat, really quickly though because it starts to rain. Then we are ready to face the ridge, at 7th km of the hike. This is where the real adventure actually starts! The path looks quite steep and stony but more importantly, it is really narrow and seems a little bit dangerous… We can see a small queue forming on this steep part of the track as people in both directions move slowly and carefully. As there are just few meters on both sides before the steep path drops to the two lakes at each side, there is only one possible path. There is no room for mistake, so we wait until the path is free to move forward. I must be really careful where to put my paws…

I can feel that my masters are not completely at ease with this climbing part and I am not either… Fortunately, it takes us around 15 minutes to climb to the very top. And the view is just stunning!

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7th week : A hiking week in Southern Norway and its breathtaking landscapes

Day 42: After our week on an organic farm, we pursue our trip towards the West of Norway. On Sunday, we visit Oslo, a city not to be missed. We decide to visit the city center by bike. On our way, we pass through the garden of Royal Palace and stop by the huge city hall. We have a look inside to discover an oversized mural painting decorating the main hall and an organ. This building is quite special and is worth visiting. Unfortunately, dogs are not authorized inside so my masters visit it one by one so that I am not alone outside :).

We then visit the Akershus fortress. From the top, there is a beautiful view over the fjords where many ferries and cruise boats start their trip to the mountains. Finally, we go to the Oslo Opera House, surely the most popular monument in Oslo. Many people, locals and tourists, come here to enjoy sunny weekends with a view on the sea and fjords. This Opera House is special for its unique architecture and the possibility to walk on the building to the top. It’s really hot today so, with the authorization from my masters, I jump in the sea to get a refresh. And I have a lot of spectators here who seem to like my little show. Everyone laughs, and some even get out their phones. Maybe one day I’ll appear on Youtube ? 🙂 Anyway, you can view my water show on Facebook. Plouf! And our pictures from Oslo are here.

Day 43: Today is a day on the road to drive to the West of Norway. On our way, we see first fjords ! Such a beauty ! The roads along the fjords are not in such a nice shape though. Without any warning, they suddenly narrow down to one lane, often when there is another camping car in the opposite direction … so we take it slowly. Above all, we don’t want to damage our Campi. At the end of the day, we arrive to Preikestolen (“Preacher’s Chair” in English), a steep cliff which rises 604 meters above the fjords 🙂


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6th week : Our first woofing experience on an organic farm in Norway

Hello everybody! As promised, I’m gonna share with you my week on an organic farm in Norway, located next to the Halden city and the Swedish border.

I don’t even know where to start… There is so much to tell you!

First of all, I’ll do a presentation of the farm : It is owned by Jan, a really nice guy who loves animals ! He has two cute Jack Russells Maggie & Jack!

It’s love at first sight. Jack is a real sweetheart, nice to me from the beginning and loves to cuddle 🙂

Maggie is the boss, so she is more distant and is constantly keeping an eye on me, at least at the beginning. Of course, I am crazy running in every single place of the farm to discover new smells. But Maggie is the boss, so I try to respect her and obey to her orders 🙂

But I just didn’t get along with the cat. The first time he saw me, he ran away, and I was trying to follow him, while barking – finally somebody has respect from me, so I may abuse of it a little :/ Since then, I regret it a bit because the cat hasn’t shown up until after our departure. Actually, I was keen on meeting him …

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5th week : Roadtrip through Sweden

Day 29: We spent a lot of time driving today. In the afternoon we stopped at the ruins of Gräfsnäs castle to enjoy mostly the local parc and its lake. It was also a good opportunity for a short race with my master – view it here :).

Day 30: We drive to Vänersborg, alongside the Vänern lake, the biggest lake in the European Union, and the third biggest in Europe (the biggest ones are in Russia). We head to the tourist office to find out about some hikes to do in the surroundings but also to know where to watch the football match France-Belgium ! Bingo, the match will be broadcasted on a big screen in the center. Before settling down for the match, we went to the lake and enjoyed the view.

Day 31: We woke up early today, I have the feeling that it’s my mistress who made the plans for today ;)! We did 2 hikes in a row around the Vänern lake in the Halle- och Hunneberg ecoparc. First, we went up on the Hunneberg hill with its Museum of Haunting. A nice walk in the forest but without a view on the lake. The second hike led to the top of Halleberg hill with an amazing view on the lake. It’s so wide, it seems more like a sea !


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4th week : Roadtrip through Danemark

Day 22: Before passing the border, we stop at Lübeck. It is such a beautiful city in Northern Germany with gothic architecture


It’s really nice so we have a walk throughout the city till the Holsten Gate, one of the relics of Lübeck’s medieval city fortifications. After the city tour, we have run some errands before the border, the dog food is cheaper in Germany :p. And then finally going to Denmark ! We spend a night on a beach. Really cool spot! I have a feeling that the Danes love my way of swimming, everybody seems to laugh when they watching me.

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3rd week : A week of hiking

Hey, it’s Zoulou, the news from the third week of our trip are here !

Day 15: A hike in Hrensko. I LOVE IT, all the cliffs, I can run everywhere! And everybody seems to like me, all the cuddles I get, you can’t even imagine ! And there is an amazing river but I can’t swim there cause I have to take a boat first and I must wear a muzzle, such a nonsense ! Sometimes, I do not understand people… Fortunately, I got a chance to try the river afterwards. 10c° according to the guide, nice! (pics on my facebook !).

Day 16: After a full day hike to Czech gorges in Hrensko, we keep on with another hike to Dresden Bastei, a rock bridge in the heights near Dresden. We parked Campi away from the touristic area and decided to go to Bastei from there to enjoy a quiet walk. The uphill path is quite steep but with my four legs it’s easy peasy (my masters, however, are taking it slowly ^^). After many steps we finally reached the top to enjoy a panoramic view over the Elbe valley. And guess what, everybody really likes me and I’m getting plenty of hugs ! No need for a leash :).

After a four-hour walk, we settled in Dresden for a night. The town is big and spacious, the Germans really do have good abilities in urban planning. We run a few errands in local shopping mall, and I took escalators for the first time. I must admit it’s a little bit scary. In Germany, you can find bio markets in shopping malls, that’s cool. I will have some quality leftovers, Yummy ! (Well, I was a little disappointed afterwards, my master got it wrong and took vegan sausage…he really must learn some German instead of spending time taking online Czech lessons !).

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Second week : Quiet stay in Prague

Hello everybody, here come the story of our second week of trip :

Day 8: We are in Prague, at my mistress’s family place and life is fine. I am spending a lot of time with Peggy (their ten-year-old doggie lady), we play a lot and we have long walks throughout the day in the neighbourhood. Czech dogs are lovely !

My masters left me alone for a couple of hours to enjoy a Beer SPA in Prague… taking a bath in the beer, what a funny idea !




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